FLVR in Berlin

Who knew Berlin had so much FLVR!

On this post, I am going to invite you on our FLVRsome journey to Berlin. Sit back and relax.

On the 12th of April, FLVR went to experience Berlin. From take-off to landing, neither of us could predict the events that was about to make this blog post.

FLVR in Berlin - Scenery

FLVR in Berlin - Travel


When we landed, we wasted no time getting to the city centre. We were eager to see what Berlin's city had to offer and quite frankly, find something to eat! We played ourselves thinking we were running away from our lovely London weather only to be greeted by the King of London Weather; cold, dull and windy. But that wasn’t enough to dampen our excitement for the trip ahead. We felt right at home.

First stop............ FOOD! 

We must have looked at five restaurants before we were finally finessed by a worker at the Grand Rocka. I am sure he sensed our hunger or perhaps our lost faces sold the ting.

FLVR in Berlin - Distressed Nude FLVR Cap

Now here’s a tip for you. Do not judge a book by its cover and all waiters/ waitresses in Berlin EXPECT tips! EXPECT is not synonymous to OPTIONAL btw. For such a pleasant looking restaurant, the food was not so pleasant and the service went from bad to worse since our tips were not enough for the service they supposedly provided.

Anyways, that still didn’t ruin our excitement. Our first destination was the Bode Museum; the home for a Collection of Sculptures, Byzantine Art, and Coins and Medals. Funny thing is, about 2 weeks before we arrived here, a 24-carat gold coin worth around €3.7 million was stolen. Someone share a light on how this was possible?

FLVR in Berlin - Building

FLVR in Berlin - Building 2

From there we went to the Church of Sophie. 'Sophienkirche' was named by King Friedrich I for his wife Sophie Louise. And you still call men trash? Martin Luther King Jr also held a service here. Guess what service this was without GOOGLE/ INTERNET and you could win a FLVR hat. I lied.

We were completely shattered by the end of this tour so we decided to head to our hotel to recharge for our first night out! Our hotel was called Generator which was right next to the tram and train station. When our batteries were 100% charged, we decided to get moving. 

FLVR in Berlin - Travel 2

After a few wrong trains, trams and turns we reached our destination... CLUB Maximm. The music was turnt! Drinks got us more turnt! The vibes, the people, everything was turnt. To think this was only Day 1! After this night, we knew Berlin had that real FLVR! 

FLVR in Berlin - Currency

Day 2

After a very FLVRfull night, we finally woke up ready to enjoy and sprinkle more FLVR into Berlin.

FLVR in Berlin - Distressed Navy FLVR Cap

Our first point of call was the Berlin Cathedral. Its elegance and scenery had it looking more like a palace than a cathedral. Right next to the Cathedral was the Altes Museum with equally beautiful scenes of modern and historic architecture.

FLVR in Berlin - Building 3

Destination 2 was the Brandenburg Gate. This place looked like the final frontier… like the gate Leonidas took his 300 Spartans to go to war with. It was incredible. Oh and it was sunny. Finally!! 

FLVR in Berlin - Building 4

The sunset complimented the views of this great land mark. I would recommend anyone to visit when in Berlin.

FLVR in Berlin - Structure

 Here's another tip for y'all. We bought a 3-days travel pass when we landed but unlike London we didn't needed the pass to hop on any transport. So, if you're reading this, and thinking of going Berlin and want to be a rebel, you could POTENTIALLY get away with not buying a ticket! And if you get caught, *spins spoon in cup*, you never heard it from us.

FLVR in Berlin - Group

And so, we wrapped up day 2 and prepared for another awesome night out.

Day 3

FLVR in Berlin - Distressed FLVR Caps

We hit up the East side of that Berlin *J Spades voice* to look at the remains of the Berlin wall. Most of the walls were filled with graffiti artist displaying FLVR and expressionist letting us know how they felt about the wall. We could only imagine how it would’ve been in those times. I mean one wall splitting a country in two. CRAZY OR WHAT!

FLVR in Berlin - Maze

FLVR in Berlin - Distressed FLVR Caps 2

We then headed to The Holocaust Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe. The patterns and pillars put in place to commemorate those that died reminded me of the Concrete Jungle which gave off a feeling of being in a collection of graveyards. The grey, dull skies added an emphasis to this.

FLVR in Berlin - Art

FLVR in Berlin - Art 2

Last night of the trip, SIGH!

FLVR in Berlin - Memories

We went out making sure we would make the most of it and boy did we do that. It’s like Berlin knew it was our last night. The club was buzzing. The bartender was sliding us free drinks the whole night and some of us went missing. I have concluded that under drunken nights in the dictionary of night out, this night was the definition. It was a great night to end the trip!

FLVR in Berlin - Station

FLVR in Berlin - Way Home

Overall, Berlin is a very serene city with a great historical background and beautiful architectural buildings. It is a city that isn’t afraid to express itself through creativity. A city that has seen strife and triumph unfold in its streets. A city that reflects FLVR. Berlin is the real definition of a city. We wouldn’t mind going back however, this time with an advance understanding of German so bossman at Grand Rocka can’t shegg us again.

Auf Wiedersehen


FLVR in Berlin

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